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200 Hour YTTC: About Me

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200 Hour YTTC: Welcome

Barefoot Yoga School is expanding!

Welcome our new team member & YTT Assistant   

Carrie – Our Newest Team Member  

We are excited to announce we have an Administrator & Coordinator! 

Carrie had been part of the Barefoot Yoga School family ever since we met in Byron Bay in 2021. Carrie completed her 200Hr with us early 2022 and then went on to join us for a Women's Retreat and 50Hr Yin Yoga course also in Byron Bay.  We are always looking to keep our team family orientated and a close part of our community!

Fun fact: We all ended up on the same Greek Island called Ikaria, famous for being a blue zone and did a cooking class together!

Carrie has over 15 years of administration experience and will most likely be your first point of contact for enquires, especially while we are busy with trainings.  

Carrie also has a background in Interior Design, Reiki and love for travel. You usually can't miss her wearing bright colours! She is currently based in England and exploring the UK. Feel free to follow her colourful travel adventures @_carrieo_ 


YTT Assistants  

As Barefoot Yoga School is growing, we invite you to grow with us!  

We are a school that looks after its own and pride ourselves on maintaining and supporting our Barefoot Yoga family. We like to offer opportunities to those who have studied with us as a way of expanding our community.   

As it is our mission is to improve the quality and standards of Yoga Teacher trainings we’d like to work with our qualified students. Those who have completed their 500 hour or even 300 hour training with us are now invited to work with us as assistants on our upcoming trainings! 

This will give you hands on experience teaching, running trainings, retreat facilitation, mentoring, event planning and people management just to name a few! You will also have the opportunity to offer your unique talents while being based in a fabulous location! 

We will be sending more information on this shortly. If you are interested in assisting on one of our trainings, please get in touch so we can add you to our waiting list!


200 Hour YTTC: Welcome
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Our first season in
Sri Lanka - Highlights

That’s a wrap! 
Sri Lanka season of 23/24 is coming to an end… 

We have been blessed with meeting 3 groups of 12 incredible individuals, we know that sounds like an exaggeration, surely not everyone can be amazing - but YES! Everyone who we have met this season has become a very valuable part of the Barefoot Yoga community. 

We look forward to what lies ahead as we go back to Australia at end of April, but for now - we pause and take some time to reflect and allow all the moments to sink in. 

We have also welcomed a new family member on board to assist us with the smooth running of Barefoot Yoga, welcome aboard Carrie, our wonderful new Coordinator and Administrator.

Running trainings are also an incredible way for us to grow personally as mentors, practitioners and humans. We will return to Sri Lanka in the slow season to start setting up our community based projects with the aid of our team members! 

We can’t wait to share what we have in mind for our beloved community, we just want to keep giving as we feel that our project & mission is growing stronger! 
HINT: Retreats, Breathwork cert, Sound healing cert, online summits, ethical & sustainable movement/project.

For those of you waiting for the Assistant role application, don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten! In the coming weeks all shall be revealed...

We can’t express our gratitude enough, to those who help make these trainings possible at The Nuga House and to those who help us spread the word including @luenzo_ and not to mention all of you who have committed yourselves to the practice.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved, we can’t mention everyone here, but know that we appreciate you! 

Much love community, 

Jess & Adam
Founders & co lead trainers of Barefoot Yoga School


200 Hour YTTC: Welcome
study online_edited.jpg

What Courses are we running in 2024/25?

2024 & 2025 Enrolments now open!

2024 Australia | Byron Bay | 200HR Yin & Vinyasa Immersion

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa April 26th  SOLD OUT

2024 | Sri Lanka | 200HR Yin & Vinyasa Immersion

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa October 29th (NEW)

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa November 25th  (NEW)

2025 Sri Lanka | 300HR Advanced Immersion

Jan 12th - Feb 7th 2025 (NEW)

2025 Australia | Byron Bay | 200HR Yin & Vinyasa Immersion

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa March 15th (NEW)



We are officially an international Yoga School!

The Barefoot project has grown, in a funny way it has gone back to where is all started, Sri Lanka!

After we had completed a stint in India, furthering our education & Yoga qualifications 4 years ago, we headed to Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean, to assist on a Yoga Teacher Training. 

This is where we realised our Dharma - we knew from that moment onwards that there was no better way to share Yoga. 

So we headed back to Byron Bay and established the school which is what you see today. 

4 years later after running many small group trainings in Byron and getting our message out there, that we were passionate about improving the quality of Yoga teacher trainings through prioritising a curriculum which allowed science and spirituality to meet in perfect balance + a mission to priorities quality > quantity. 

Finally, we have returned to Sri Lanka and have sold out of our first season of YTT's in paradise. It's good to be home!


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