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200 Hour YTTC: Welcome
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What Courses are we running in 2023?

Australia | Byron Bay | 21 day all inclusive immersion

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa May 1 - 21 (sold out)

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa July 26 - Aug 16 (sold out)

Australia | Gold Coast | Part Time

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa

Semester 1: June 30 - July 23

Semester 2: Aug 18 - Sept 3 

Sri Lanka 200HR immersive training

November 20th - December 10th 

We have also started booking in dates for 2024! The 300HR YTT in Jan is already 50% full!



Sri Lanka has been launched!

We have partnered up with a beautiful boutique hotel on the south coast of Sri Lanka offering both our 200HR & brand new 300HR as all inclusive, immersions in this tropical paradise!

The wonderfully unique space is tucked away, built around the holy Nuga tree which reaches it's beautiful branches up into the Yoga shala.

These programs are designed to help students become professional and authentic teachers + practitioners of Yoga.

We chose Sri Lanka out of love. We have lived and worked here before and felt that this is the perfect place and home for Barefoot Yoga's international trainings. 

From the culture, to the wildlife & national parks, there really is no comparison. Being less discovered than Bali was really important to us. Sri Lanka also has no restrictions upon entrance, allowing all of our students to feel welcome.


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Gold Coast Part Time

We are excited to announce that we are running a boutique style 200HR part time training in the Gold Coast, collaborating with one of our beloved graduates who runs a boutique retreat space and studio with stunning tropical grounds, heated & light filled studio with magnesium pool and more! 

About the Course

This is going to be a real treat to run our most popular training, looking at Yin & Vinyasa in our part time course on the Gold Coast, with only 8 students allowed to enrol, tucked away in the trees and accessible from not just the GC, but those in Brisbane and the Northern Rivers area too! It's going to be amazing!

It will be held across 2 semesters, formated in a manageable schedule, aimed at those who are busy but looking to take their Yoga journey further. It's not just for those who want to be teachers, but we do recommend coming with an open mind.

Perfect for those of you who can't make the immersion work with your busy schedules!

Australia | Gold Coast | Part Time 2023

200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa

Semester 1: June 30 - July 23

Semester 2: Aug 18 - Sept 3 

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