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Adam Kaoullas

Yoga Alliance Lead Trainer of Anatomy & Yin, Co-owner, Chinese Medicine practitioner, rehabilitation specialist, 500HR ERTY

As a retired professional boxer, Adam brings a fascinating perspective on the power of the mind and body. He is now leading a very different, more peaceful life as a lifelong student of Yoga, Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner. Originally using Yoga as a supplement to his athletic career, Adam went on to study in India on two separate occasions and has recently been to tje Pyrenees to join Wim Hof to become a qualified WIM HOF instructor.

Adam has over 10 years experience in physiology, rehabilitation, anatomy, and personal training. After Adam's first degree, where me majored in Kineselogoy, he had the pleasure of going onto work in rehabilitation centres in the US, helping the injured and disabled to find their feet and even walk again. He has since pursued a career in helping people stay fit, healthy and mobile. His second degree is in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, which he is currently enjoying alongside running Barefoot Yoga School with his partner and co-owner, Jess.

He has a raw passion for helping people and making Yoga a safer and more effective form of movement therapy. Adam is incredibly invested and makes it his mission to give Yoga teachers a better education and understanding of the human physiology and thus produces highly trained Yoga teachers whose anatomical knowledge is outstanding.

Adam has an undying enthusiasm for the human body and biomechanics which is very apparent in his teachings.

He runs the Yin yoga, Chinese medicine and Anatomy modules in these courses.

Adam Kaoullas

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