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The Barefoot

We have made the beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka the home and hub of Barefoot Yoga school. 

We believe in the power of education, hence why we became a Yoga school instead of a studio! Our aim isn't only to empower our own students through education, but to do the same for local children. 


Helping to support local families who want their children to be educated to have a brighter future.

Bridging the gap by giving back! This foundation has been set up to connect communities.

Everyone deserves an education, but not all families can afford the costs associated with sending a child to school...

$150 USD, this is the estimated cost for a local family to be able to enrol their child in Grade 1 at school.


Despite education being free in Sri Lanka, after the economic crisis in 2022 families are struggling to pay for education materials such as stationary, books, school bag, shoes, uniform and transportation...

The Barefoot foundation offers multiple avenues for our community to help make a change and get more kids in school! 

So far we are proud to say we have raised $0,000 USD, which has helped 00 many children enrol in school and recieve an education!


Make a difference from a distance

Donate on our gofund me page! This is an accesible way for you to help push the mission along, to help more children get an education. Many of our community members are from all over the world and may like to get involved even if you can't visit Sri Lanka.

One Yoga trainee = one local child in school

For every student that enrols in our YTT programs, we will donate $150 USD of their tuition fees towards a local family who can't afford costs associated with keeping their kids in school or enrolling them in the first place. This donation will go towards important educational materials such as books & stationary.

In person donations made on community retreat!

Our community retreats aim to be more than a time for relaxation and self practice - each year we host a retreat which is designed to connect our two communities. Through hiring locals, taking cooking classes and offering 'on the ground' support which may look like visiting the local families and schools and making the donations of education materials in person!

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