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Booking Terms & Conditions

This page discloses our full booking terms and conditions which we recommend reading in full before booking

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation & Refund policies

1a) Under no circumstances can Barefoot Yoga School offer refunds of any kind. If you are unable to attend your program for any reason, including (but not exclusively COVID-19 restrictions); You must submit a claim to your travel insurance provider.


1b) Barefoot Yoga School does not offer refunds due to a change of mind, due to significant investment to procure costs in advance to secure these events at the lowest prices and also have a non-refundable arrangement with suppliers & agents.


2. Barefoot Yoga School does not provide travel insurance or an option for refunds of deposits or total amounts owing under any circumstances. 


3. If the training has been changed or cancelled by Barefoot Yoga School, you will have the option for a transfer or credit. 


4. When transferring your credit, you may only use the credit for yourself and not for others. You may only transfer one deposit per booking. You may not transfer multiple deposits to one booking. 

*We highly recommend taking out travel insurance to cover you during uncertain times* 


If a guest requests to cancel, Barefoot Yoga School will reopen the dates for sale across all available booking channels and will endeavour to rebook the dates. While every attempt will be made to secure a full-paying booking, a discount may be applied to the rate in order to secure a booking.


This discount will be based on industry and business knowledge, and will not be preapproved or reviewed with the student as it will be subject to further change at any time.


Cancellations may result in a loss of the total booking amount.  


Barefoot Yoga School cannot accept responsibility for actions taken by the owner(s) of the venue which are outside their control. 


Reasonable actions will be made by Barefoot Yoga School to offer alternative accommodation should this occur. If there is no alternative accommodation available a full refund of the amount already paid will be made. 


Barefoot Yoga School will not be liable to refund any fees students may have paid to any third party in connection with their stay, including but not limited to fees for travel, insurance or activities. 

Travel Requirements



Our cancellation policy is continually being reviewed to ensure that we are taking into account developments associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Before you book, and before you travel, you must check the latest government travel requirements which may include, but are not limited to, mandatory health declarations, completion and display of travel exemptions or entry permits, up-to-date vaccinations and vaccination certificates, use of check-in apps and face masks, or requirement to self-isolate and/or quarantine (possibly at your own expense). 

In the event that any guest or visitor needs to quarantine or self-isolate at the property, any additional costs incurred by the Owners will be passed onto the guest(s). This includes, but is not limited to; deep cleaning costs, additional tariffs for extra nights stayed, and costs related to relocating and/or compensating the following booking(s) who are unable to check in on their booked date due to unavailability of the property or delays caused by deep cleaning. In the event that the quarantine or self-isolation is for a period beyond the initial check-out date, the standard nightly tariffs for that property and any additional costs incurred by the Owners will also be charged to the guest(s).


Visas + Travel Costs


Barefoot Yoga School is not responsible or liable for any costs incurred for travel expenses, including but not limited to: Vaccinations, visas, travel insurance, additional accommodation, transfers + flights.


Barefoot Yoga School recommends each student to take out their own travel insurance. 


Barefoot Yoga School is not responsible for Government changes or environmental factors which may restrict travel, including but not limited to unforeseen weather conditions/natural disasters.

Medical Information Privacy and Policy

1. Barefoot Yoga School will not share any private medical information provided to them or discussed throughout private consultations.

2. Barefoot Yoga School has a duty of care throughout their courses which includes a crisis intervention model. Students must understand that if any person or person/s is believed to be in harms way, the Lead trainers of Barefoot Yoga School and any staff member employed by Barefoot Yoga School have an obligation to report this to an authority. 

Payment Policy

1. All bookings require a deposit to secure a students place on any program.

2 a. The remaining amount for each individual booking will be due 30 days prior to the event commencing. 

2 b. Our payment plans, unless discussed otherwise that 50% of the total payment is due 90 days prior and the remaining 50% is due 30 days prior.

3. Payment plans organised with Barefoot Yoga School must be adhered to by student.

4. Any payment plans which exceed the start date of a program will require being connected to AfterPay which is available on the checkout.

Property Policy 

Number of Persons + Noise

Each room is allocated a certain number of occupants upon booking, students must not exceed this number for the protection and comfort of all students under any circumstance.


The number of occupants must not exceed the number of persons shown on your confirmation. Any number increase must be agreed in advance and may incur additional fees. 


We need you to understand that the property has a strict no-party policy with low noise constraints in place as the house is in a residential area with neighbours who (were born and) live and work in the area. It’s a special place and respecting our neighbours is important to us. There is to be no outside noise after 830pm, with no excessive noise at any other time.



Excess Cleaning, Damages and Charges

Barefoot Yoga School requests guests to leave the property as it was found to avoid extra cleaning charges. 


In the event of breakages, damages and lost items, Barefoot Yoga School requests that guests contact their lead trainer to report the incident as soon as possible. Damages may be billed to the student whose actions resulted in the damaged property or items. Example: Stained Bed sheets or towels/ broken items in the room. 



Our locations are surrounded by landscaping, tropical gardens and nearby bushland. As such, wildlife can be found around these premises, especially after severe weather events such as storms, flooding, or intense heat. While every attempt is made to control and manage the wildlife including a pre-arrival inspection at the property to check for activity, from time to time, some animals including snakes and/or insects may enter the property. Please contact us as soon as possible in this instance in order to manage any situations at the property with the guests where they are in danger.


Unplanned Outages 

During periods of extreme weather events, power supply to properties can be interrupted due to unplanned outages. These power outages will also affect Wi-Fi as the routers will be disabled, and can also affect water pumps and resulting water supply on rural properties which utilise tank water. These outages are out of the control of the Property Owners and no responsibility will be taken. We will however assist all guests during these periods to keep them up to date with the situation and instructions from the authorities, and to ensure their safety.


No Smoking 

For the comfort of all our guests, all properties are non-smoking. Any damages or excess cleaning caused by smoking on or inside the property will be charged to the student whose actions result in the damage.

Barefoot Yoga School enters into this agreement on behalf of the owner of the property and is not liable to you in relation to the property or any services. 


Barefoot Yoga School is a holistic health educator and is not a real estate broker, agent or rental company. 


Barefoot Yoga School nor the owner of the property can be held responsible for failure or interruption to power or services to the property for reasons beyond our control. 

Barefoot Yoga School reserves the right to relocate a booking to an alternative property of similar standard and location at any time. In this instance, guests will be offered either a transfer to the new booking or a credit. We would only make such decisions in unusual circumstances such as; property being sold, property being damaged by a natural disaster, or a contract being breached.​


Students' actions, conduct and safety are the responsibility of the students. The managers and owner(s) of this property do not condone: unsafe, irresponsible or illegal actions/behaviour etc. on or off the premises, during a stay or at any other time. 

A condition of entering and/or staying at this property means that all guests understand and agree to indemnify the agent and owner(s) against any responsibility or action(s) (legal or other), due to any action(s), incident(s), loss or injury(s) while within or outside of the premises (including, but not limited to, the grounds, facilities, structures, etc.) during a stay or at any other time. 

To the extent permitted to by law Barefoot Yoga School will not be liable for losses arising as a result of this agreement whether such losses arise as a result of Barefoot Yoga School's negligence or otherwise. 

By proceeding with your booking you are thereby agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to our professional team who can help you with any enquires!

0422 871 355

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