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200 Hour YTTC: About Me
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21 Day Immersion
200HR YTTC Yin & Vinyasa

MARCH 15TH 2025

200 Hour YTTC: Welcome
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About the course

This is a registered program with Yoga Alliance International + Australia, known for having the highest standards across the board. We are the only all inclusive Yoga Teacher Training in Central Byron which is held in a small group environment (maximum 12 students) to ensure the highest quality of training and attention from lead trainers. 

As an immersion program, you will be training 6 days a week with 1 day off to enjoy the local area. The curriculum is perfectly balanced, making even the family meal times a place to connect, relax and learn about nutrition and food. The whole training is an in-depth experience of the Yogic lifestyle.

Investment from 3,700 Euro Including accommodation & food

Each class is engaging, dynamic and designed to provoke critical thinking as we unpick and explore the body, mind and where science meets spirituality. We focus on the application of methods & skills, to ensure confidence and retention of information.


We go the extra mile...

We include accommodation and food

Quality focussed, balanced curriculum

Small groups only  (12 students max)

The location - Central Byron Bay

The price - cheaper than a holiday in Byron

We offer a post graduate module + 300HR training

We are the only full immersion training in Central Byron, all inclusive of accommodation and organic food! We are very much focussed on delivering the most nurturing, academic and sophisticated program in Australia. 

ALL FOR 3,700 Euro

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200 Hour YTTC: testimonial
  • Asana, Pranayama + Meditation
    - Daily Morning traditional Hatha or Vinyasa - Daily Morning Pranayama / Kriya/ Meditation - Daily Evening Yin Yoga - Daily Evening Meditation +/or Sound journey
  • Hatha Vinyasa
    - Advanced teaching methodology - 60 + 90 minute Vinyasa class structure - 60 + 90 minute Hatha class structure - Principles of traditional Hatha sequencing - Principles of dynamic + creative Vinyasa sequencing - Class theming - Practice teaching - True meaning of Hatha Yoga - Energetic Anatomy of Hatha; Chakras, Koshas, Vayus, Bandhas, Mudras
  • Advanced Teaching Methodology
    - Therapeutic class sequencing - Becoming an embodied & authentic Yoga teacher - Yogic lifestyle practice & application - How to teach with Philosophical & anatomical input - Trauma informed Yoga teaching - Presentation skills on topics above and beyond Asana - Workshop facilitation skills & practice - Pranayama & meditation facilitation skills & practice - Advanced self mastery & Yogic lifestyle methodology - Accessibility and Yoga *We assume a certain level of maturity and level of knowledge around anatomy & philosophy which should have been taught at the 200HR level. Please consider this if you completed your 200HR YTT with a different training provider.
  • Advanced Yin Yoga + Traditional Chinese Medicine
    - Yin Yoga Postures - Advanced teaching methodology - 60 + 90 minute Yin Yoga class structures - Yin Yoga Class Theming according to TCM - Practice teaching & application - Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Element theory (Sheng cycle) - Energetic Anatomy of TCM: Fascial Networks, Meridians, Acupressure points, Dantiens, organs, emotions - Myofascial release techniques - Meditation applied to Yin Yoga - Yin Yoga Tattvas * There will be a Yin recap section for the foundations of Yin Yoga which were taught at the 200HR level
  • Pranayama
    - Anatomy of the respiratory system - Mechanics of breathing - Molecular science of breathing - Diaphragm activation + control techniques - Breath and the Central Nervous system - Traditional Pranayama Techniques & Kriyas - Practice teaching & application
  • Philosophy + History
    - Overview of core texts: Bhagavad Gita, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Hatha Pradipika - History of Buddhism + Yoga - History of Hinduism + Yoga - Core Buddhist teachings - Hindu Deities + Yoga - Practice teaching / group work - Presentation skills for educational based workshops
  • Anatomy & Physiology
    - Anatomy of Asanas - Anatomy of peak postures - Injury prevention + common injury (joints + spine) - Acknowledging injury + role of a Yoga teacher - Functional movement + Yogic conditioning - Anatomy of the Fascial networks
  • Meditation
    - Daoism + Meditation - Neuroscience of meditation - Modern Meditation techniques - Traditional Meditation techniques - Practice teaching + group work



The Food 

Food is vital - we are big believers in supporting healthy farming practices to help regenerate our soils and leave the planet a better place! 

Some students will come back just for the food!

Prepared by private Ayurvedic-inspired chef

Organic, spray free & local 

Seasonal to the Northern NSW

Hand-picked recipes by our Nutritionist 

Vegetarian, Vegan, Whole-foods diet 


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The Location:
Central Byron Bay

Byron Beach House

This is the only 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training which is all inclusive, immersive and in the centre of town!


Our central Byron location is close to everything, meters away from the best cafes & beaches in Byron Bay!  This is great for those who seek the true Byron lifestyle and an ocean breeze. Being close to the beaches, cafes and shops gives you flexibility during your free time to explore the township and stunning coast, famous lighthouse and National parks.

Photo credits: Jessica Wall

Where you will be staying

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Tallow beach + Byron Lighthouse

Accomodation & Price


2025 NEW DATES: March 15th - April 4th 

Bedroom options:

- Twin share w/ shared bathroom 4190 Euro

- Twin share w/ ensuite 4190 Euro

- Private room w/ private bathroom

* Price Includes deposit, food + 20 nights accommodation

* See room photos & availability in booking form 

* Prices are displayed in USD as we are international school

What is included?

20 Nights of Accommodation

200HR Yoga Alliance YTT Certification


Breakfast + dinner

Post Graduate Follow up module & call

20 Hour online intro module

3 week (180HR) Immersion in Byron 

All Classes &

Tuition Fees

Latest Edition Textbook

Graduation Ceremony

Located by the shops, cafes & beaches

Laundry & facilities

Organic Coffee & Teas

Spa hot tub

Entry pathway to the Diploma of Yoga & 300HR

Extra curricular activities & workshops


+ much more!



This qualification is in Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. 


This creates the perfect balance of 'yin & yang' to help you seek a more harmonious lifestyle throughout the training and beyond.

Am I ready to do my Yoga Teacher training?

Although Yoga Alliance typically recommends a minimum of 1-year of regular practice, we invite those who have a keen ability to learn and are equally motivated to start their Yoga journey with the right knowledge and skills before practising full-time. 

To start your journey here will allow you to get the most out of your personal Yoga practice, regardless of whether or not you want to teach. This program is very much about self-development. 

We assess each student's readiness, and mentor each individual from their initial enquiry, to their first class and beyond! Just reach out and have a chat.

Should I do my YTT online or in person?

Our thoughts and advice...

Yoga Alliance International does not condone, nor allow their registered training providers to operate via pre-recorded, online YTTs.


This is simply to guarantee that teachers are of a high standard when it comes to managing real bodies, in real time. They allow up to 10% of the hours to be online, hence why you have a 20HR online module with our program.

We hold the same belief as Yoga Alliance International, that pre-recorded training cannot provide the practical skills, appropriate assessments and student-teacher support that is required to develop a competent, safe teacher.


It's vital that there is the application of theory - we cannot simply learn from a textbook or lecture and hope for the best. Application is key, which you will get on this program. 


What does the daily schedule look like?

6:30am Asana (Vinyasa flow)

7:30am Pranayama, Meditation

8:30am Breakfast (1hr)


9:30 am Yogic Philosophy or Anatomy

11:00 am Asana Alignment

12:30 pm Teaching methodology

1:30 pm Break (2hrs)

3:30 pm Teaching Practice

5:00 pm Yin Yoga & Meditation

6:30 pm Dinner & quiet time

*10-15 minute refreshment breaks will be given every 2 hours

What the students have said...
+ 46 *5 star Google reviews!


Book your training today with a deposit to secure your spot