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Yin & Chinese Medicine 10HR online module

Course Overview

This course is the start of your journey towards integrating the intricate but powerful medicine of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with your Yoga classes. Learning objectives: - To study the TCM 5 Element theory - To be introduced to the varying aspects of the 5 Element theory - Understand what the Meridians are and where they are located in the body - To understand how the Meridians, organs and emotions are all linked - To be able to design Yin Yoga & TCM classes based off each of the 5 elements You will need to have a foundational understanding of Yin Yoga to feel confident in taking on this next module. We assume a certain level of knowledge due to our previous 200HR YTT in Yin Yoga and Vinyasa. If you have not completed our training, or any other training in Yin Yoga, please contact us:

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